Ashley Kemling

Communication is very important because if you’re on a team and there’s leaders and you all have to be on the same page. If you’re not on the same page, then everything’s just going to fall apart and nothing’s going to work. It’s definitely a vital key in a team.

Ashley Kemling, Grant

Nick Hayes

What RYLA has taught me about teamwork is that with a team you need a leader and it’s also vice versa, you can’t have a leader without a team. And when you’re the leader you need to give commands to your team and your team has to also accept those commands.

Nick Hayes, Sidney

Maggie Konz

I think I’ve changed a lot since coming to RYLA camp. I’ve definitely grown as a person because before I came here I only knew a few people, and over the last couple days, I’ve made connections with these people. We’ve learned to lean on each other and trust each other and communicate. By the end of it, we’ve made connections, we’ve made friendship that will last a long time and that have made me a better person.

Maggie Konz, Kearney

Janet Kuskie

I would definitely recommend RYLA camp to others because it shows who other people are and what your strengths are. You also get to work with a team and you build trust with each other, with people that you don’t know for that long. You really bond with new people and you learn so much about rotary.

Janet Kuskie, Grant

Josh Jacobson

RYLA really teaches kids about themselves and how to become tomorrow’s next leaders. It really shows them what it takes to be a leader and it shows them the correct skills with which to be an effective leader. It’s also a lot of fun, promotes team building and it is a great exercise for all the kids that come here.

Josh Jacobson, North Platte

Ken Wehrman

In RYLA, we give these kids a chance not only to learn about leadership skills but to practice leadership skills. It’s going to benefit them down the line, and it’s going to benefit our communities. So I think RYLA is probably one of the most important programs that Rotary International has.

Ken Wehrman, Great Plains RYLA Founder