Get Ready

Here is a list of suggested items to bring from students and staff who have already experienced the RYLA program in past years.

Daytime Wear:
Skirts / Pants for girls
Khaki’s / Polo’s for guys
No T-Shirts are appropriate for the business sections.

Evening Wear:
Shorts / Jeans and T-shirts

Friday Community Service Project:
Closed toed shoes and jeans

Saturday Evening Wear:
Dresses / Skirts / Nice Pants for girls
Shirt / Tie (suggested jacket) for guys.
This is a very formal evening. Please dress appropriately. Prom attire or better.

Personal Toiletry Items, medications
Alarm clock
Up to $25 cash spending money.
Umbrella (It always seems to rain at least once – it is rainy season)

RYLA Staff has the final decision on what is considered appropriate for all attire. Refusal to change will result in loss of privileges. Revealing or grunge attire will not be permitted.

Students will not be allowed to go to their cars during the conference. Cell phone / texting use will not be permitted during scheduled conference events. Use of cell phones / texting during conference hours will result in confiscation of cell phone until a later appropriate time as determined by the RYLA Staff. Intentional breaking of these rules will result in loss of privileges. Continual abuse is grounds for sending the student home at the parent / guardian’s expense.