Meet The Team

Martin Ruben
Chair, RYLA Cayman
Martin has been a Rotarian and a member of Rotary Central on Grand Cayman since 2010 and has been involved in the RYLA and World Affairs Seminar programs since he joined. He is passionate about serving the youth of Cayman and has also been involved with the Rotary Central Junior Achievement program. “I am very excited about having our very own RYLA here in the Cayman Islands and having the team from Florida including four amazing counselors to help make this event a tremendous success.”
Kristin Kinsey
Executive Director
RYLA changed my life. As simple as that sounds it is true. I learned so much about leadership and community service and what it means to truly give back to this world. But even more than what I have learned I am a part of RYLA because of what I have seen others do in their lives after challenging themselves at RYLA. If I can keep pouring into this program and into these RYLArian’s I get to keep seeing them go out and change the world. And THAT is amazing.
Emily Page
Logistics Chair
I attended RYLA 2008 as a student, back when it was held at Stetson University. I was surrounded by extraordinary individuals, and I at once felt dwarfed by each of my incredible fellows and inspired by them, beyond the power of words alone. Such environs are scarce in today’s world, and I have been very fortunate to be permitted to return for five of the six years that followed. The fact that we can provide such an opportunity even in today’s harshly realistic world is my motivation–I want kids for generations to be able to feel as humbled and empowered as I did during those four days.
Sterlin Powell
RYLA is a judgement-free, life-changing experience that will impact the way you perceive yourself, your fellow man, and the rest of the world around you in just four short days. This is not your ordinary summer camp. RYLA is the training grounds where you become equipped with the tools, resources, networks, and know-how to lead multitudes in your school, on your job, in your career, and abroad. If you believe that the talents within you can be greater than the daunting challenges before you, RYLA can temper them. If you believe that the voice within you can ring louder than the deafening circumstances around you, RYLA can project it. If you believe that the budding leader you were yesterday can be further developed into the inspiring leader and social influencer you will be tomorrow, RYLA can propel you. Why not RYLA? Why not now? Join the movement.
I am a part of RYLA because it takes people from being a PASSive leader to an ACTive leader. If you are hungry you are not just going to just dream about food, you will get up and go eat some food. That’s what RYLA does, it teaches students to feed themselves mentally and strive for opportunities to change the world. For example, at RYLA we took a trip to an intensive care home. While serving the community there I learned a valuable lesson. You never know where help will come from. This time my help came from a 107 year young lady. I had a life choice to make earlier in the year and was still trying to figure out if I had made the correct choice. While take care of her and spending time with her she told story after story. And through talking with her she gave me great advice and helped me figure out the best options. So by being and active listener and investing in the community I became a stronger person and better yet, a stronger leader. And that the power behind RYLA. Crafting leaders for tomorrow by changing the world today!
Kellie Ring
I have been involved with RYLA since 2009 when I attended as a RYLArian. Since then, I have been a member if the RYLA staff as a counselor and head counselor. RYLA has become my favorite week of every year. Each year during RYLA, I have the opportunity to meet and establish lifelong bonds with over a hundred students. I am able to watch these students come into the conference completely unaware of what to expect and leave as transformed confident leaders eager to make a difference in the world around them. This transformation that I witness each year is a personal inspiration and is the reason why I am so passionate about RYLA.